Welcome to Skinrock.

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Quality and precision carved in stone.

We are a small, innovative Swiss company that has dedicated itself to working with natural stone. We take majestic, rugged rock formed millions of years ago, tame it and bring the timeless elegance of real stone into your home. Our products embody natural aesthetics and countless design options that are enthusiastically embraced by people all over the world. Our passion is for stone and its enormous diversity, and our fervour is renewed and reinvigorated every day.


Quality is our highest priority. Stringent demands made at every step from the raw material to the finished product ensure that the highest of standards are maintained in every respect. We combine Swiss precision with global products, thus creating enduring values for our customers. Skinrock impresses through its excellence, reliability and state-of-the-art technology – typically Swiss made.

At home in the heart of the Swiss Alps.

Our headquarters are in Switzerland, and this is where our heart lies and where Skinrock experiments continually to develop innovative new applications for stone. We have our own production facilities in India and Malaysia and a regional sales hub for Asia in Kuala Lumpur. We believe in success through cooperation and, together with our sales partners, are exporting the Skinrock success story all over the world.

Saas im Prättigau, das Dorf von oben fotografiert landscape

The Skinrock team.

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team member Ueli Stiffler

Ueli Stiffler



+41 81 330 50 38

team member

Mathias Deuring



+43 676 375 22 42

The Skinrock team India.

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Avi Chandugade


Neha Chauhan

Assistant Manager

The Skinrock team Malaysia.

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 team member

Syet Li Yong

General Manager


We are as reliable and down-to-earth as the stone we use to create our products. As a small owner-led company, we uphold traditional Swiss values. Professional, competent and reliable, we not only meet your expectations but exceed them in every respect. And that is a pledge you can rely on.

The Skinrock success story

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Autumn 2010
history slider imgae Zwei Arbeiter ziehen von einem Steinblock hauchdünne Steinstücke ab.

Ueli Stiffler visited a natural stone trade fair in India and, for the first time, personally experienced an innovation that had generated much whispering – a man peeling wafer-thin slivers from a block of stone. The beginning of a new cooperation was sealed with a firm handshake.

Autumn 2010
history slider imgae Das Logo von Skinrock (SKINROCK)

The name Skinrock was born during the return flight to Switzerland and registered later as a trademark.

history slider imgae Eine mit Motorrädern und Menschen gefüllte Seitenstrasse in Indien.

A plank fitted to a bicycle acted as the “registration office” for the Commercial Registry Office. After eight hours of red tape, countless signatures and even more fingerprints, Skinrock INDIA was born.

history slider imgae Saas im Prättigau, das Dorf von oben fotografiert

Company foundation of Skinrock AG in Saas i. P. by Ueli Stiffler.

history slider imgae Ueli Stifler als Bündner Unternehmer des Jahres hält seine Auszeichnung hoch.

Ueli Stiffler was awarded the Bündner Jungunternehmerpreis Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2015.

history slider imgae Die Petronas Zwillingstürme in Malaysia aus der Vogelperspektive.

The production facility in Malaysia was opened.

history slider imgae Die Weltkarte auf grauem Papier nur mit schwarzen Linien dargestellt.

Market presence in 18 countries around the world.

history slider imgae Logo Bau München

Presentation of the new natural stone façade at BAU in Munich, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture, materials and systems.

history slider imgae Skinrock Fabrik, Ausbau der Produktionskapazitäten

Expansion of production capacities in both factories.


Everybody claims to be sustainable – but we really are. Skinrock products conserve natural stone resources and only require a fifth of the energy needed for transportation that is consumed in the case of conventional competitor products. This keeps our ecological footprint small, thus allowing us to develop sustainably for future generations.

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Only when you really experience passion can you pass it on to others. Every day, our pioneering spirit and innovative mindset encourage us to achieve even more. Our visions breathe life into our stone creations. Rather than simply making products, we create worlds full of emotions.

Prizes and awards
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Young entrepreneur award Grisons 2015

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